Every day I curate. The decorations in my apartment.. the products in my beauty cabinet.. the 
photos on my 'gram. There's something about creating entire mini-worlds that feels so good to me.

I was introduced to Tictail last fall, and now I'm hooked. It's overflowing with chic independent brands and shopowners. Tons of gorgeous products to add to my oh-so-carefully-curated feed. But the part I ~really~ love is turning that feed into real life. I've already bought a handful of the items I added to my feed. It gets addicting to be honest. I just love knowing that I'm supporting these rad brands -- many of which are in Europe. I get kinda giddy when I'm paying for something in Swedish Krona. (Thx Paypal.) There is some realllly high-qual sh*t on here. This bag? These shoes? Bought 'em both. This hat? This jacket? Yup. Next on my list is this coat for fall...

NEway. Y'all should get on the Tictail app because I think you might love it. Follow my profile on there as I curate some more!! Hehe.


  1. Chiiic boooooo.


  2. So I've been following your blog for a year now because I love the style and feel of it. Your pics are gorgeous! And I couldn't have revisited your blog at a better time. I'm obsessed with European independent brands/stores and am in need of a new purse. And that purse is chic! Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely be looking into buying from tic tail soon! :)

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